Federal Government: Have You Lost Your Damn Mind???

Even with all of the insanity that goes on in our government, I have restrained myself from commenting publicly…

Until now.  Check out this headline ( for the full story, click here).

Part of the massive, back breaking, deficit busting economic stimulus package that was passed by Congress back in February of this year included  one-time payments to “about 52 million Social Security recipients, railroad retirees and those receiving Supplemental Security Income” of a whopping $250.

Problem #1: What is $250 going to do for people in the long-run? Sure, I recognize that there are people who really could use that money to put food on the table, to pay all or part of an exorberant summertime utility bill. However, the reality is more could have been done by putting the the money back into everyone’s pockets by reducing payroll taxes or increasing social security benefits for an extended period of time instead of more programs that have yet to begin. There is no faith in strengthening charities and faith-based/community organizations so that they can directly address the problems in the communities they serve.

The reason for this post is Problem#2:

Of the 52 million that received these checks, 3,900 of  them went to inmates. Yes. As in people who are incarcerated.

So I will now ask the obvious question…

Federal Government, have you absolutely. Lost.Your. Damn. Mind???

On a daily basis, I am being told to trust you to be good stewards of the money that I, and millions of others, work ever so hard for and you send my cash to inmates? Last time I checked, inmates aren’t allowed to go to Best Buy and buy a flat-panel television (Ican). They aren’t buying their own groceries (I do). They aren’t going to invest in the stock market to boost the economy and drive real and meaningful stimulus (I will). Instead, they will use the money to buy a couple cartons of Kool Filter Kings and trade them for some dude named ‘Tuan. What moron didn’t do their homework in enough detail to determine who should and should not receive these payments?

Oh yeah… Congress.

 Now that you are busted, you are working diligently to get my money back (even though I’ll never see it again). Thanks, Sam.

There are so many more bone-headed expenditures going on like the now expired “Cash For Clunkers” program which ran out of moneycash-for-clunker after four days. Wasn’t this thing supposed to last for months? The sick part about this program is that the majority of the people who funded CARS, were not able to benefit from their investment because they were not driving clunkers in the first place. If you are going to spend my tax dollars in ways that I never intended for it to be used, the least you can do is kiss me on the cheek and give me some love, too.

How can I trust you with health care reform if you can’t get the Clunker or the senior rebate program right?

Easy answer…I can’t trust you.

Mr. Man

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