June 25, 2009 -PJ Easter Picture this scenario: “Have you ever dated a secret jerk? I certainly have. A Secret Jerk is a man who looks like Prince Charming on the outside and is little more than a snake charmer on the inside. My Secret Jerk was ten years older than I, then a mere twenty three, and I was dazzled by all his polished and academic affectations. Dazzled for three long years. (Later, I would realize why he dated a woman ten years his younger, but back then I was too naive to know about such concepts as Adult Male Inferiority Complex). MyRead More →

June 23, 2009 -P.J. Easter This past weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day, but I am using The Man’s prerogative to narrow the scope and extend the celebration. I am proposing that all of the real dads celebrate the following:  Happy Not Your Baby Daddy Week.  You see, too many people celebrate Father’s Day. I’ve heard too many baby daddies being honored for only meeting the minimum requirement. Impregnating a female. It concerns me greatly that there are so many single parents raising children because the dad chooses not to man up and handle his responsibility. The word father is thrown around too loosely at times Fatherhood is soRead More →

June 18, 2009 -P.J. Easter This is an ongoing series by a bunch of cool Moms and Dads called Fatherhood Friday. Check out Dad Blogs for more details and more great reading. I am writing this a day early for a very special occasion. Today is the birthday of the daughter of one of my friends. This is a friend that I have never met, but she is a friend nonetheless. Birthdays are supposed to be joyous times, but not in this case. You see, the daughter of this friend is no longer with us. Her daughter left this world two weeks after entering it.Read More →

June 16, 2009 -P.J. Easter There are days when I complain about my job. Not the industry (which I have fallen in love with), but my specific job. It’s not the most interesting job, nor is it the sexiest. However, I have been in the Engineering & Construction field for almost a year now. This job was my break into the industry. Overall, I’m happy.  We all have those days when we complain about our jobs. I often get on Twitter while I’m supposed to be working in the comfort of my home after work and tweet about how I’d rather be blogging, grilling, shooting targets, or hangingRead More →

June 12, 2009 -P.J. Easter Mentally, I’m still on vacation. Even though we have been back for five days, I’m still on a beach in Florida. The reason is simple Kids never stop being on vacation and, if you’re smart, you’ll let them bring you there. We are at one of the neighborhood swimming pools now. Adi and I just got back from the shooting range and Bae, The Boy, and Big Ant (the not-so-little boy from across the street) were waiting. It’s summertime and they wanted to be in the water. “Daddy, can you take us to the pool? And can Big Ant comeRead More →

June 11, 2009 -P.J. Easter Headline: Twitter Takes Over The World! Twitter is on the cover of Time Magazine. Two weeks ago, Time had another story about how Twitter is being used in churches. Time is not paying me for all of this free pub, but, lets face it: Twitter is something of a phenomena. Who woulda thunk it five years ago that people would actually want to express themselves to the world in 140 characters or less. Who would have thought that having followers was anything other than egocentric? Twitter has shrunk the world. You can know what @Shaq is up to at anyRead More →

June 07, 2009 -P.J. Easter I woke up this morning in a hotel room in Biloxi, Mississippi. Last night, there was no huge party. There was not a room full of friends at the V.I.P. Room at the Beau Rivage. I didn’t spend the night stuffing myself with seafood buffets and working the slots at one of the many casinos in the area (although I have been enjoying a little Texas Hold Em lately). There is no massive hangover. I cant blame it on the alcohol. I woke up this morning in a hotel room in Biloxi, Mississippi. My awesome family sang the birthday songRead More →

  June 05, 2009 -P.J. Easter This is part of an ongoing series of community blogging by dads like me. Check out Dad Blogs to join the cool kids. Currently, I sit on the third floor balcony at a resort in southwest Florida. We are minutes away from the sandy beaches and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The kids are sleeping in as I watch a group of golfers tee off for what surely must be a par three hole. The scenery is beautiful. The golf course is pristine. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Vacation. The end of vacations are always difficult forRead More →