27 Aug 2009 Even with all of the insanity that goes on in our government, I have restrained myself from commenting publicly… Until now.  Check out this headline ( for the full story, click here). Part of the massive, back breaking, deficit busting economic stimulus package that was passed by Congress back in February of this year included  one-time payments to “about 52 million Social Security recipients, railroad retirees and those receiving Supplemental Security Income” of a whopping $250. Problem #1: What is $250 going to do for people in the long-run? Sure, I recognize that there are people who really could use that money toRead More →

26 Aug 2009 Country music. A year ago, you couldn’t have paid me to listen to it (well…maybe if you paid me). Although I have lived in Texas all my life and driven a Ford truck for years (is there any other kind?), I have been the consumate city boy. Until…I’m not quite sure when… I think it all start earlier this year when I finally acted upon my 2nd Amendment rights to purchase a handgun for home protection. My wife was adamantly against this until I taught her how to use it. Now she knows the awesome power of a firearm and it reinforcedRead More →

21 Aug 2009 This is part of an ongoing series of community blogging by dads like me. Check out Dad Blogs to join the cool kids. My oldest child is going into middle school effective next week. She will be a 6th grader. She has been acting “cooler” this summer because that’s how she thinks 6th graders act. She and The Boy will now be on different schedules, she gets her own locker (an honor not given to the “babies” in elementary). No matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby girl. To others, she will simply be known as “Fresh Meat”. At the middle school orientation, sheRead More →

19 Aug 2009 Welcome to the ”Women On Wednesday” post at Dear Mr. Man. This day is devoted to discussing topics that concern women from a man’s point of view. I will need a lot of help with this (topic ideas, comments, and other feedback). If I am way off base on a topic, you can electronically claw me or toss hot grits (or boiling water) at me through your computer. Together we can come to understand each other better. Maybe. I remember high school and being in love. With three girls at different times during the four years. I had more “girlfriends” than that, but three thatRead More →

18 Aug 2009 I ran across this in a chain e-mail awhile ago. I normally hit the “delete” button as soon as I get these types of e-mails, but I thought it would be fun and interesting to answer these questions to allow you, Dear Reader, to get to know some of the quirky things about The Man. It started out as “44 Things”, but #5 is missing, so its actually 43 things. If you would like to let me learn a little more about you, simply copy and paste the questions below into your e-mail, delete my answers and fill in your own. E-mail yourRead More →

13 Aug 2009 Welcome to Fatherhood Friday.  A gathering of cool dads and moms sharing the joys, pains, and love of their lives as parents. For more great reads, stop by Dad-Blogs and take a look around. There was once upon a time when I used to scoop up my baby girl in my arms, plant sloppy wet kisses on her, and hold her close to me. In return, she would laugh and giggle as though she was on an amusement park ride. She would return my kisses with drool from her toothless mouth and, for squeezing her too tightly, she would leave me with a poopy diaper.Read More →

10 Aug 2009 I hadn’t been able to write this week. My doctoral studies are taking a toll, but I didn’t want to go without saying something this week. I’m sitting in my backyard now with a cigar and thinking about my online friends. You guys mean a lot to me. A whole lot. Here’s what’s been going on with me this week. Work was busier than normal. That’s cool, because I hate being bored at work. I’m sure that there is more exciting stuff to the construction biz, but I haven’t been exposed, yet. My previous work was hard, but it was also interestingRead More →