26 Sep 2009 This is an ongoing series by a bunch of cool Moms and Dads called Fatherhood Friday. Check out Dad Blogs for more details and more great reading.  As I mentioned in my last post, last Saturday was the Upward Flag Football clinic. However, tonight was my first practice as head football coach for football. I have coached Upward basketball for several years, but my schedule has taken me away from it for the last two. I love football just as much, so I thought I would try my hand at this. Like most, I am an “armchair quarterback”. I haven’t played competitively since my teens andRead More →

27 Sep 2009 There is a half moon out on this twilight of a Sunday evening. Dragonflies swarm in a circular pattern over my backyard. A single bird lands in the grass and pecks around for an evening snack. What she finds, I’m not sure. She seems content. The new Los Blancos “Nine” will be lit and relished. My neighbors’ eldest son reminds me that he promised me something and calls me over to the fence. It’s a gordita. Not that gringo concoction from Taco Bell. This is the real deal. I take a bite. Lightly grilled corn tortilla shell stuffed with pico de gallo, chicken breast, refried beans, cilantro,Read More →