WAE Hercules Review

The final touches had been made. The house was decorated for holidays. As my wife placed the star upon the top of the tree, I couldn’t think of a better time to play seasonal music on my early Christmas present, the WAE (Wireless Audio Experience) by Hercules Bluetooth Speaker.

The WAE was taken out of the box and connected to my mobile media device in less than five minutes. Connecting to a second media device isn’t as straightforward, but the instruction manual will guide you through it.

I quickly went to work to find music to see if the WAE by Hercules could live up to it’s name. The first song played was “Silent Night”, but I had a feeling that the night would be far from silent as I gave the WAE a run.

The WAE (around $170) is priced lower than many of the more popular name-brand competing Bluetooth speaker devices. However, sound quality isn’t sacrificed in the least bit. I played every genre from hip-hop to jazz to country. Blake Shelton’s vocals sounded particularly rich on the WAE and the bass line found in 50 Cents “In Da Club” was thumping. This is thanks to the built-in equalizer that the makers added to the WAE. It is obvious that Hercules placed a lot of emphasis on delivering a quality sound to its customers.

Aesthetically, the WAE could be more appealing. It looks like and old school cassette player that I used to have in the eighties. It’s white and green in color and has a stationary handle on the top which runs from the front of the device to the rear. The appearance could cause the WAE to lose a style point or two, but users are more concerned about sound and the WAE delivers plenty of it. It only has one speaker, but that is more than sufficient for the way this device is designed to be used.

The WAE has a range of about 30 feet. I was able to place my media player in one of our upstairs bedrooms and I almost made it to the garage before I started losing connection. The device operates on the included lithium-ion battery for additional portability.

Overall, this is a great gift for the music lover and budding audiophile. For not a whole lot of dineros, the WAE delivers a more than adequate sound for a variety of music and audio My family and I enjoyed playing music on the WAE as we prepared our home for the holidays. I’d give the WAE by Hercules 3.5 out of 5 points with the point deduction being for the appearance.

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