A New Kind of Cool Revisited (Mr. Mans Birthday Thoughts)

I woke up this morning in a hotel room in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Last night, there was no huge party. There was not a room full of friends at the V.I.P. Room at the Beau Rivage. I didn’t spend the night stuffing myself with seafood buffets and working the slots at one of the many casinos in the area (although I have been enjoying a little Texas Hold Em lately). There is no massive hangover. I cant blame it on the alcohol.

I woke up this morning in a hotel room in Biloxi, Mississippi. My awesome family sang the birthday song to bring me into the day:

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Daddy. Happy Birthday to you.

May God Bless You. May God Bless You. May God Bless You. May God Bless You.

I wrote a post a while ago called, A New Kind of Cool that I hope you’ll find worth reading, but here it is in a nutshell. The older I get, the more blessed I am. I don’t look at life from the perspective of age (mentally I turned 38 six months ago), but from a perspective of experiences. Time is more valuable than money. Living is more important than working. Loving is more important than regretting. Below is an excerpt:

It’s a new kind of cool to:

  1. Have faith in God and submit myself to a power greater than me.
  2. Have a wife to shower with adulation and to share my thoughts and fears and dreams with.
  3. Finding teaching moments when the boys and I play basketball (or any other activity)
  4. Know that I am the model my daughter looks to in order to know what type of man she will marry (even if she doesn’t know yet).
  5. Hear the heartbeat of my firstborn for the very first time through the ultrasound.
  6. Be the funniest guy in my house. My kids will laugh at almost anything.
  7. Learn someting new every day. And to share that knowledge.
  8. Have friends with the same values as you and arent afraid to correct you if you get off track.
  9. Serve others.
  10. To teach my kids to be respected for their work no matter what they may do for a living.

It’s a new kind of cool that many of you are choosing to man up each and every day in your own unique ways.

Mr. Man

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