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 I was sitting in my study reading the sports page, in it, a story about The San Francisco 49er’s visit to Houston this weekend (this is the Sunday morning edition, so the game had not been played yet). The reporter was writing about the Houston homegrown Mike Singletary, the legendary linebacker for the Chicago Bears, now the head coach of the Niners. The reporter, Dale Robertson, of the Houston Chronicle writes about Singletary;

A Worthing High School graduate, Singletary has a meeting with Gary Kubiak, who got his diploma from St. Pius X. These two local boys who made good are bringing their NFL teams together at Reliant Stadium.

Included in the party will be Oliver Brown (his high school coach). Ask Singletary, who detoured through the Hall of Fame as a Super Bowl-winning linebacker for the Chicago Bears before he answered coaching’s call, where he would be today without the influence of Brown, and he replies, “It’s a frightening thought.”

Abandoned by his father when he was 12, Singletary…

This is where I stopped reading. This is the moment I was moved to write this post.

Everytime I read, “Abandoned by his father…” or some variation of it, my heart sinks. Even though I lived it, I can’t imagine what would drive a man to leave his family (if he is a man at all). My father declared on New Years Day 1981 in a drunken stupor shortly after my parents divorce that he would, “forget that I ever had this family!” True to his word, I haven’t seen him since.

My children are the most valuable beings on this Earth today along with my wife. I cannot imagine the phrase, “Abandoned his children” associated with my name.

So when I read something like this, it breaks me down in the utter recognition of the failure of manhood…

Singletary seems to have done well for himself despite his circumstances. So have so many others whose father or mother made the decision to leave them. More proof that we do not have to be product of circumstance.

I thank God that I don’t have it in me to leave my family. I thank Him further that I have no desire to.

Mr. Man

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