All Roads Lead To Walmart



Walmart can never complain about not owning enough acreage in the continental U.S. It seems as though there is one on every corner of every neighborhood. Whenever Mr. Man and fam hit the road, we invariably find our way into “Wally-World”.

This trip is no different. This is our second trip in as many days. Even though we are on vacation, we are doing a lot of cooking in to keep things economical.

As we peruse (a classy word to describe a Walmart experience) the crowded store, it never ceases to amaze me the people that seem to wander in from the freak show at the state fair to the aisles of Walmart. Yesterday, for example, Adi and I had to try to explain to our kids why the 5′2″ lady weighing 350 lb. wearing “Daisy Dukes” would not stop partying like it was 1999 in front of the pork chops. Parental fail-we had no explanation.

Then there are the clerks. The words “customer” and “service” have no relation to each other on Walmart. It seemed as though for a time last year Walmart seemed interested in improving its service. A short time. Must have been a corporate fad that they dismissed as useless. There’s a reason the blue vests that read, “Can I Help You?” Is on the employees’ backs.

We don’t go into Walmart for excellent customer service (or any service for that matter). We go because we know what to expect. A lot of cheap products, non-existent service, and post-worthy people-watching. All of which add to the family vacation experience.

Mr. Man

  • We live a few blocks from the local Wal Mart. We are there all the time. I complain about it every trip but I always go back. We actually have 2 Wal-Marts. One is a lot nice than the other. We call the one by our house the hillbilly Wal Mart. The freaks at that place will turn your stomach some days.
  • No, that isn’t a parental fail. There is no explanation for what you witnessed in front of the pork chops. You just have to move the family along and hope that there are no therapy bills in your future. Enjoy the vacation with the family.

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