Author: P.J. Easter

Fatherhood Friday:”I’ll Bust You In The Head ’til The White Meat Shows”

October 9, 2009

Fatherhood Friday, a collection of awesome blogs by cool dads and moms, is hosted by Dad-Blogs. Stop by this site and check out some awesome reading material (among other wacky things). There have been some awesome TV dads over the years. Bill Cosby, Ward Cleaver, Homer Simpson (yes, Homer.), and Hank Hill immediately come to mind. […]

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Wow: The Strength of A Woman (Part Deaux)

October 7, 2009

Women on Wednesday…’nuff said. As I listen to this song, these thoughts flow from that in my mind, to the keys I tap on the keyboard. These words appear on my screen… How is it that men hold nearly all of the power positions in the world? Rarely does one see a study on the […]

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Women on Wednesday: The Strength of A Woman

October 6, 2009

I have probably spent less than 20 hours with my family over the last week (including time spent sleeping) due to work and business obligations. In this time, both of my kids have gotten sick. Bae has come down with a case of the flu despite getting the shot. The Boy followed a few days later […]

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The Man Makes The Shoes Makes The Man

October 2, 2009

Men, in general, are typically not overly concerned with fashion. We enjoy the fact that we are able to roll out of bed, throw on whatever is lying on the floor next to us, and be out and on the move in 15 minutes or less. However, there is an exception to that general statement. I think that men care […]

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Fatherhood Friday: Dear Mr. (Coach) Man

September 29, 2009

26 Sep 2009 This is an ongoing series by a bunch of cool Moms and Dads called Fatherhood Friday. Check out Dad Blogs for more details and more great reading.  As I mentioned in my last post, last Saturday was the Upward Flag Football clinic. However, tonight was my first practice as head football coach for football. I have […]

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Sunday Twilight Requiem

September 27, 2009

27 Sep 2009 There is a half moon out on this twilight of a Sunday evening. Dragonflies swarm in a circular pattern over my backyard. A single bird lands in the grass and pecks around for an evening snack. What she finds, I’m not sure. She seems content. The new Los Blancos “Nine” will be lit and relished. […]

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Federal Government: Have You Lost Your Damn Mind???

August 27, 2009

27 Aug 2009 Even with all of the insanity that goes on in our government, I have restrained myself from commenting publicly… Until now.  Check out this headline ( for the full story, click here). Part of the massive, back breaking, deficit busting economic stimulus package that was passed by Congress back in February of this […]

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Discovering My Inner ‘Redneck’ (Just Call Me ‘Bubba’)

August 26, 2009

26 Aug 2009 Country music. A year ago, you couldn’t have paid me to listen to it (well…maybe if you paid me). Although I have lived in Texas all my life and driven a Ford truck for years (is there any other kind?), I have been the consumate city boy. Until…I’m not quite sure when… […]

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Fatherhood Friday: Advice From 6th Grade

August 21, 2009

21 Aug 2009 This is part of an ongoing series of community blogging by dads like me. Check out Dad Blogs to join the cool kids. My oldest child is going into middle school effective next week. She will be a 6th grader. She has been acting “cooler” this summer because that’s how she thinks 6th graders […]

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Women on Wednesday: I Can’t Make You Love Me

August 19, 2009

19 Aug 2009 Welcome to the ”Women On Wednesday” post at Dear Mr. Man. This day is devoted to discussing topics that concern women from a man’s point of view. I will need a lot of help with this (topic ideas, comments, and other feedback). If I am way off base on a topic, you can […]

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