Bob Etheridge: Have You Lost Your Damn Mind?



This is unbelievable. I know people are passionate about their politics, but is this what our democracy is coming to? Watch this video.

Normally, I would write a “build-up” to the upcoming line. However, the video speaks for itself:

U. S. Representative Bob Etheridge: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND?!?!

Dude, what gives? Most people would have assault charges pending against them for grabbing a someone on the street by his wrist and neck. There are kids who would call Child Protective Services if their parents looked at them the wrong way. Granted, the guy you grabbed is no child. He clearly states in the video that he is a college student working on a project. Whether that’s true or not is beside the  point. I’m just surprised that this young 20-something did not  KICK YOUR  OLD ARSE all up and down the street (publicly, in self-defense. privately, because he could).

Are you that ashamed of the principles you stand for that you can’t be questioned about your beliefs by an average American citizen? Is your position so weak that you must resort to physical violence to try to shut down a person who simply asked you a question?

I’ll say this…it is a good thing that it wasn’t The Man that you grabbed. You’d still be climbing out of that can of Texas WHOOPASS that I would have laid on you.

Man up, dude. That was weak.

Mr. Man

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