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Review – OnVocal Alexa Intergrated Stereo Earphones

January 11, 2018

Truth be told, when I received the On Vocal “OV” Stereo Bluetooth Earphones, I was expecting something that I could use with my Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot. I thought it would be redundant considering the nature of how the the Echo works, but if it could provide another lazy way to manage my smart […]

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ZTE Axon M – Cutting-Edge Smartphone or A Gimmick?

December 11, 2017

The ZTE Axon M – Is it a smartphone, a flip phone, or both? Whatever it is, it’s a lot of fun. The “M” in the Axon M name stands for “Multi-Mode” because it can be used and viewed in a multitude of ways. While the name itself doesn’t tell how different this device is […]

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Is The Monster Superstar Really A Beast?

December 30, 2014

I am always looking for the latest in portable Bluetooth speakers.  It is fascinating to think that these mini devices have the ability to deliver a quality sound in such a compact package. There are some that live up to the hype (such as the Motorola Sol Replublic) and others that don’t quite make the […]

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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000

October 14, 2014

I have been looking forward to giving the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 a test run. I liked the idea of watching The Matrix on the wall of my media room. I had to move my furniture around to create an open wall, hoping that it would be well worth the effort. The HC2000 was […]

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The Polar Loop May Be The Jumpstart You Need

May 22, 2014

I made a commitment several months ago to live a healthier lifestyle. Along with eating the right foods and cutting down on my caffeine intake, I also made a commitment to myself to be more active. I knew that an activity band would be a helpful too to gauge the amount of activity I was […]

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Google Chromecast – A New Way To Watch

February 5, 2014

I never thought such a tiny device could make this big of a difference in my home entertainment system. The Google Chromecast is a streaming dongle that you plug into any HDMI port of your television.  For $35, the device allows you to stream music and video from sites such as YouTube, NetFlix, Pandora, and […]

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WAE Hercules Review

December 22, 2013

The final touches had been made. The house was decorated for holidays. As my wife placed the star upon the top of the tree, I couldn’t think of a better time to play seasonal music on my early Christmas present, the WAE (Wireless Audio Experience) by Hercules Bluetooth Speaker. The WAE was taken out of […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – Rugged and Refined

December 14, 2013

Each year, some new device has been dubbed the “iPhone killer”.  None have come closer to slaying the mighty giant than the flagship Galaxy S4. Samsung Corporation’s Galaxy brand of smartphones has been the industry standard for several years now. In fact, Samsung holds 32% of the global smartphone market (compared to Apple’s 12%) according […]

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