“Snoop Dogg” and “Gospel Album” In The Same Sentence: It Happened.

March 18, 2018

Snoop Dogg, the multi-faceted, multi-platinum recording artist, has released a gospel album. Yes. Mr. “B****hes Ain’t S*** but H*** and Tricks”. THAT Snoop Doggy Dogg. The one and the same. It is a seismic shift from his gangsta rap roots like Doggystyle and recent releases such as Make America Crip Again and the 220 EP, the formula that made him a […]

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The Black Panther Review: Wakanda Made The Movie

March 6, 2018

Now that the hype for Black Panther has calmed down, we can finally give it the review that it deserves. The movie raised a very interesting question for me: Why did I REALLY enjoy the film? Was it because of the excitement of seeing arguably Marvel’s most popular black superhero on the big screen, or […]

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