Filed under: Politics,Uncategorized — P. J. Easter @ 8:47 pm Image courtesy of: Q: Dear Mr. Man, What is going on with Roland Burris (D), the junior senator from Illinois? A: As most people are aware, Roland Burris is the U.S. Senator from Illinois appointed to replace Barack Obama by the embattled former governor, Rod Blagojevich.  He was initially denied entry to the most exclusive club  on earth, the U.S. Senate. After much embarrassment, the Senate leaders realized that they did not have a leg to stand on to deny Burris a seat and he was sworn in nine days later.  Now he admits that he triedRead More →

Filed under: Sports — P. J. Easter @ 4:36 am Tags: Life, Random Thoughts, Sports Image courtesy of: Q: Dear Mr. Man, Now that football season is over, what am I supposed to do on Sunday afternoons? A: The soreness in the backside as you sit for three hours waiting for a game that is not coming on. The carpal tunnel syndrome that you’ve developed from clicking the remote too many times. The disappointment you feel when you turn the channel to CBS only to find the PGA Tour (not that you don’t love golf…you’re just not there yet). I know that it may seemRead More →