Fatherhood Friday: Are We There Yet?

Mr. Man and the family are on their way to Florida for vacation. 

The drive has been remarkably smooth and we are making good time. The kids have been well-behaved. Not once have they yelled at each other or tried to play pranks on the other. They have been sharing their video games and have really kept the noise down allowing Adi and I to have adult conversation for the majority of the ride.

Our first stop was four hours into the trip. It was at a McDonalds just outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana. We quickly used the facilities and ordered some food. Not once did the kids bicker about what the other one should eat. Are these my kids?

The car has been left remarkably clean. They have placed all of their waste in a bag that sits on the floor in front of The Boy. He’s not even complaining that people will call him “Garbage Boy” because of the proximity of the trash bag to his seat. We didn’t even have to remind him that there is no one in the car but us.

More amazinglyno one has once asked the magic question; Are we there yet?

This trip has been like a dream so far…

…and then I woke up.

We haven’t  even left yet and the kids are already gearing up for war. “How long is the ride, Daddy?”

“Don’t worry about it”, I say.

“Can I sit  on the left side of the car?”

“Why does it matter?”

“I’m hungry. Can we go to McDonalds?”

“We just ate 30 minutes ago.”

“But it wasn’t McDonalds.”

“Gimme that.”

“No, its MINE.”

“I was watching that video.”

“I was reading that comic.”




And in unison: “ARE WE THERE YET?!?!”

The road trip begins for Mr. Man in the morning. Please pray for a safe journey and for The Man’s sanity :-)

Mr. Man


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