Fatherhood Friday: I Don’t Pretend To Understand

June 18, 2009
-P.J. Easter

This is an ongoing series by a bunch of cool Moms and Dads called Fatherhood Friday. Check out Dad Blogs for more details and more great reading. I am writing this a day early for a very special occasion.

Today is the birthday of the daughter of one of my friends. This is a friend that I have never met, but she is a friend nonetheless. Birthdays are supposed to be joyous times, but not in this case.

You see, the daughter of this friend is no longer with us. Her daughter left this world two weeks after entering it. I am not an overly emotional person, but when I read the story, I was devastated.

I cant imagine the pain, the sense of loss. I don’t pretend to understand.

I am blessed to be able to love on my three children. I am away at work most of the week, but I can look forward to them greeting me in the driveway of our home when I pull in. I can plan to play with them all weekend and to be surrounded by their love. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I don’t claim to understand.

I am a Christian by faith, and I know God has his reasons for all things. However, I don’t pretend to understand why my Lord would take a child from its parents. I’ll never understand.

Children, it is said, are supposed to outlive their parents. That is not always the case. What I do believe is that in one family’s tragedy, there is glory given to God in some way.

Knowing this, I’m sure, does not make it any easier to cope. It doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

What I do know is that we have to love those who are with us hard, deeply, and passionately. We cannot take a day for granted with the ones we cherish. Every day needs to be a new adventure in  learning how to love better. Not just our family, but those who who surround us.

I don’t claim to understand. I wont pretend. Just know that my heart is with you, friend. Just know that I believe your daughter’s passing was not in vain. I know this because I appreciate my gifts from God even more.


Mr. Man

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