Fatherhood Friday: Vacations End

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Currently, I sit on the third floor balcony at a resort in southwest Florida. We are minutes away from the sandy beaches and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The kids are sleeping in as I watch a group of golfers tee off for what surely must be a par three hole.

The scenery is beautiful. The golf course is pristine. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Vacation.

The end of vacations are always difficult for me. It just seems like a week or so is not enough time to decompress from the daily burdens that we all experience with work, bills, and mother-in-laws (is that just me?).

The end is also wistful in the sense that I have been immersed in the joys of my family. The playful moments and the nerve-racking moments (Mine. Mine. MINE!). The tender moments. The teaching moments. With all of our imperfections, this is MY family whom God has chosen  to bless me with.

Vacation, at its inception, is full of promise to be fulfilled. At its closure, vacation serves as a reminder that there never seems to be enough time for those who are important to you.

That’s why as fathers and husbands, it is our responsibility to seek out that time even when we are not on vacation. We have to actively seek those moments to make our kids feel their uniqueness and to make our wives giggle like the young girls we met so many years ago. We have to remember that the sound of our children talking incessantly is more important that Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Their laughter is a precious gift because the sound indicates their happiness and care-free natures. Every time they say “I’m hungry”, it is an indication of their healthiness as they look to you to  fulfill a need that only you can.

Even when they ask ” Are we there yet?”, it is an indication of their anticipation of the excitement of things to come.

We have to identify those vacation moments in our everyday lives. And seize those moments.

Another group of golfers is teeing off. My coffee is getting cold

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