Homegrown Fun (”The Staycation”)

It has been a few weeks since I have had the privilege of writing you. Things have been hectic around here. The day job, school, and a whole host of things. I’m not griping, I’m just sayin’. I desperately need some time off with the family.

I did manage to take a few days off for Spring Break and got to have some extended time with Adi and the kids. So very refreshing, it was. It reminded me of the fun that is had when you are in the same place with your family. Here are some examples of the fun that was had:

Silly Words Reap Tons of Laughter- There was a moment last week when I was reminded how goofy kids can be. I told my kids to turn their backs to each other and listen as I said a word to illicit a response from them. Here is a list of words that generated no response from them:

  • “Hamburger”.
  • “Television”
  • “Shoe”.
  • “Elephant”.
  • And so on…

Now the list that garnered non-stop laughter from both kids:

  • “Butt”.
  • “Fart”.
  • “Monkey”.
  • “Booger”.

And the highest laughter generator…

  • Boobies”. Go figure. I don’t know why body parts crack them up so much.

Dad is an Excellent Cook- I got to grill outside quite a bit last week. The family seems to really enjoy it when I cook and it is nice to take some of the burden off of Adi (who is a great culinary artist in her own right).  Some of the delicious fare that I provided was filet mignon (got a great deal at Costco), lamb chops, and Quesadilla Burgers. The weather was perfect for grilling and the whole atmosphere of a cookout is right up our alley.

Indoor Basketball- The Boy loves playing basketball. This may be a major understatement.  If the weather is right, he likes to play outdoors. However, he really enjoys playing on his Nerf goal attached to the downstairs washroom door. This is where he can dunk, shoot “five-pointers” (his creation), and let his inner NBA star shine the brightest. He takes particular joy in playing against me because I am like George Foreman on the “court”, big and slow. He loves to try and dunk over me, but considering the goal is behind my head most times, he’d rather run around me and make some spectacular shot. Sometimes all I can do is use my size as an obstruction. When he charges me, I bounce him like one of Bobby Brown’s checks. As he continues to grow, this becomes harder to do.

Movie Night (or two)- The family settled down from the “staycation” to watch a couple of movies. We decided to watch Left Behind. We chose these movies because the kids had biblical questions for me earlier in the day. I know my Bible, but I’m no biblical scholar. I’m not afraid to use whatever resource is at my disposal. If you are not familiar with the movies, they are the film version of the first two books in the mega best-selling Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The kids watched with facination as the world was raptured and the Antichrist came to power.  They were sneering at the villians and fascinated by the Power of God. So much so that we had to watch Part two the next night. Good times.

I remembered that vacations are what you make of them. Time well spent with the family can be a vacation all in itself. We had a blast this past week and I am looking forward to our next round of homegrown fun. It may not sound very exciting, but it meant the world to me.

Mr. Man

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    • melisalw
      Yep: You don’t have to go far away or spend a ton of money to have a memorable family vacation.
    • Glad you found some time to decompress. Vacations definitely are what you make of them and sometimes the travel involved in going away doesn’t make it feel all that relaxing. Missed you around the blogosphere. I hope that you all are well.
    • mrman
      Thanks dude. Trying to work the blogosphere back into the routine. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.
    • Tara R.

      Spending quality time with the peeps is always a good thing. 

      I read all the Left Behind books. Very intense and opens up a lot of questions.

    • mrman
      Agree and agree again. Good to “hear” from you.
  • That sounds like you all had a great time together. What a well deserved and much needed breather.

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