How About a Post About Absolutely Nothing?

I hadn’t been able to write this week. My doctoral studies are taking a toll, but I didn’t want to go without saying something this week.

I’m sitting in my backyard now with a cigar and thinking about my online friends. You guys mean a lot to me. A whole lot.

Here’s what’s been going on with me this week. Work was busier than normal. That’s cool, because I hate being bored at work. I’m sure that there is more exciting stuff to the construction biz, but I haven’t been exposed, yet. My previous work was hard, but it was also interesting as well. I still have faith. This job is going to surprise me, yet.

My boss is a former classmate who is also a friend. It seems like over the last year, it has been more boss than buddy. I hope that changes because I really like him and his family. They are my type of people.

We once babysitted one of his daughters when they went to a party. That was years ago. What was cool about it was how well my son and his daughter, A, got along. It was good to see. I would like for he and I to be able to hang like that again, but it is up to him. I’ll go with the flow. He’s a good dude. I don’t really care if my work buddies show this to him. I’m sincere, as always, in this statement.

I took my first skeet shooting lesson this week. WHAT. A. BLAST. The instructor was awesome and I learned a lot. I did pretty well if I can say so myself. If you know anything about skeet, I shot two doubles in a row in my first lesson. From what I understand, that’s pretty good.

My wife just came outside to tell me that it is 11:30pm. She’s a good woman. Even when I haven’t been the best man. I gotta get up at 4am.

Church was awesome as usual. It’s an oxymoron how one can leave a place of absolute peace and re-enter a place of absolute chaos( the world). I was thinking this after leaving church and going to the mall for lunch only to sit and watch a scantilly clad Beyonce sing, “Put a ring on it…” on a monitor in the food court.

The weekend was all about family. It usually is considering I’m gone most of the week. For any sickos that may take advantage of this knowledge…trust me…my wife will blast you with her 9mm if you come near the house. She’s not afraid to exercise her 2nd amendment rights *smile*. Just sayin’.

Well, I’m gonna close this post about abosolutely nothing and finish my cigar. Love you guys. Will write about something more substantial soon.

Mr. Man

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