I Dont Wanna Be The Doo-Doo Man

There are days when I complain about my job. Not the industry (which I have fallen in love with), but my specific job. It’s not the most interesting job, nor is it the sexiest. However, I have been in the Engineering & Construction field for almost a year now. This job was my break into the industry. Overall, I’m happy. 

We all have those days when we complain about our jobs. I often get on Twitter while I’m supposed to be working in the comfort of my home after work and tweet about how I’d rather be blogging, grilling, shooting targets, or hanging with the fam. Anything but read or write another report. Sometimes its hard for me to remember that there are worse jobs (I’ve even held a few). Here are some that come to mind.

I Don’t Wanna Be The “Doo-Doo Man”.  At the refinery that we are expanding, there are a ton of temporary mobile facilities (we simply call them trailers) that are used primarily for office space for those of us who support the construction activities. These are nice trailers with air conditioning, tiled floors, kitchens and restrooms. It’s the restrooms I will focus on. Since there is not any permanent plumbing, the poopy-ca-ca is flushed into a discrete, secure, above ground location. Then some guys come around in what we affectionately refer to as the “honey truck” and gather the doo-doo. They do this 40-50 hours a week. That job has got to stink.

Every rectal thermometer made by Johnson and Johnson is personally tested. I would sooooooo hate that job.

After my freshman year in college twenty years ago, I came home and found an ad in the paper that essentially read:

Make $500-$1000 per week. Travel extensively. No experience necessary

I was all over THAT job. Went to a seminar where I was hired on the spot. Found out that day that I had I signed up to be an Encyclopedia Salesman. Boy, did we travel to some of the most redneck, backwater places in Texas. To this day I don’t know some of the places this guy took us. Things I remember about the job:

  • I never made $500-$1000 per week at that job.
  • I ate the largest chicken fried steak ever (even to this day).
  • I was stopped by the police in an affluent suburb of Dallas, Texas. A young, black male was reported going door to door selling stuff.

I quit that job as soon as I got back to Houston.

Telemarketers and Bill Collectors. No one likes them much because they both try to get your money.  Those jobs are so bad that laws were created to stop these people.

I once was a District Manager for a company that shall remain nameless, but would occasionally have to fill in for my employees. My role was to manage six to seven people, $5-7 million in business, and personally oversee the top 52 of 450 accounts.  It was a different career at the time, but I did alright. Until I found out that I would have to fill in for one of my guys if they weren’t able to come into work.  I haven’t told you what the job was. My team was responsible for driving around in a 24-foot box truck delivering clean uniforms to businesses and picking up their dirty clothes, shop towels, linen, and dirty mats. If you saw what I saw in the linen of some of your favorite restaurants, you’d no longer want to eat there. Every now and then, some guy would leave his underwear with the clothes. What an extra special treat. After a day like this, working 14 hours or so, I’d come home smelling like oil and grease, old food, sweat, or worse. My kids would run to me at night just to try to guess what flavor of stink I was wearing.

The list could really go on and on and on. No matter how bad we may perceive certain jobs, whether it is a horse stable cleaner, a vermin handler, or a or a monkey sex observer, we all have our vocations. If the the work is honest and legitimate, then honor can be found in it. 

Colossians 3:23 says to work hard at anything that you do as though you are working for the Lord and not for man. In these economic times, I wont complain too much. Things could be worse. I imagine that one day I may start a consulting firm or become a professional blogger (if there is such a thing).

By the way, I have done two of the three jobs on this list.  Also, see this list as well.

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