Is The Monster Superstar Really A Beast?

I am always looking for the latest in portable Bluetooth speakers.  It is fascinating to think that these mini devices have the ability to deliver a quality sound in such a compact package. There are some that live up to the hype (such as the Motorola Sol Replublic) and others that don’t quite make the mark. I was curious to see where the Monster Superstar would fall within this spectrum.

The Superstar is slim and compact. It can easily be tossed into a backpack or slipped into a pocket in case an impromptu party jumps off. I love this about the Superstar because I love the ability to move my music to the backyard when I’m grilling or to the neighborhood cigar bar.

Aesthetically, the Superstar is visually appealing and comes in several different colors. I happen to to have the the grey model with a soft and grippy silicone sleeve that covers the speaker. The speaker itself is made of plastic and weighing a mere seven ounces; it does not feel too lightweight or as if it isn’t well-constructed. The Superstar can be positioned to stand on its side or to lay flat. To get the most bass out of the speaker, I positioned it on its side and against a flat surface. The speaker has basic controls on the device such as volume up and down, a bluetooth button for pairing, and the power on/off button. There are no controls for pause or playback which should be standard on devices like this.

The Superstar also doubles as a speakerphone. I asked one of my teenagers to call me so that I could test this feature. I had remind him what a phone call was considering that it is the least used feature on his iPhone. The sound quality of the call was clear and crisp. I would have no issues using the Superstar during an important conference call if the need called for it.

Time to see how the Superstar performed for the main reason most people would get it: to play music. The first song I played was Zapp’s “More Bounce To The Ounce”. I need to hear how the Superstar would handle the funky strum of the heavy bass guitar. For additional analysis, I put on a Jay-Z/Rick Ross track that I knew would have a thumping bassline. I was a little disappointed.

The good news is that the Superstar gets plenty loud. If you are hanging out with a small gathering of friends, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the output. The sound quality is more than decent at the mid-level and the bass is present. However, at the higher level, the sound quality gets tinny and a little strained on some tracks. On Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”, the vocals and horns were clear as a bell, but the bass seemed muted.

The Monster Superstar is a compact device that fits well in the mini-bluetooth speaker category. The sound quality is good at the low- to mid-level, but becomes strained on some tracks at the upper range. The compact size makes it easy to move and have your music on the go. At $99.99 (Amazon), it’s not a bad choice for casual use around the house or for the speakerphone option.

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