Kid Humor

March 13, 2009

 — P. J. Easter @ 7:56 pm


Q: Dear Mr. Man,

Do you have any jokes you can share?


A: Some days when I get home from work, J.C. or Bae greets me with a “new” joke that they have heard. Many of the jokes are classics that have been around for years. Others I have never heard before. The kids usually run the anecdotes by Adi first, so she gets the benefit of “first laugh”. Here are a few of their favorites:

Bae: Knock knock.

Me: Who’s there?

Bae: Noel.

Me: Noel who?

Bae: How many times do I have to tell you “Noel” -bows on the table?

Here is one of the boy’s favorites:

J.C. “So there is a duck that walks into the store and picks up a chocolate bar. The duck brings the candy to the counter and the cashier says, “Do you want to pay with cash or credit?” Then the duck says, “It’s okay. Just put it on my bill.”

Here’s another from Bae: “Why don’t bears eat clowns?”

Me: Tell me why bears don’t eat clowns.

Bae: “Because they taste funny!”

And lastly, this gem from the boy.:

J.C.:” What did the skunk say when everyone was arguing in the courthouse?”

Adi: “What did he say?”

J.C. “Odor in the court!”

I really get a kick out of kid humor not so much because the jokes are particularly funny (okay..I do think they’re funny), but because my kids tell them with a zeal and freshness of a person discovering laughter for the first time.

Man up.

Mr. Man

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