Mom Is Great! She Gave Us Carrot Cake!



Those of you familiar with any of Bill Cosby’s stand-up routine will see the similarity in this installment of Mr. Man’s House. For those of you that are not, I hope you will still appreciate this. Enjoy!

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This morning while we were getting ready for church, one of the kids came into our bedroom and loudly stated, “I’m hungry”. My kids are at that age where I’m thinking to myself, “What do you want us to do about it”? My lovely wife vocalized my thoughts by reminding them where the kitchen was.  The Boy, seeing an opportunity, asks his mom, “Can I have some carrot cake”?

In my dear wife’s haste to finish applying her make-up and get us all out of the house (I’ll admit, I was dragging butt that morning. I was tired.), she tells The Boy to help himself.  The Boy shot out of the room and down the stairs before I could even think about stopping him. “Bae, mama said we could have CAKE for breakfast!!!”

I had so much fun teasing my wife about that. I told her that I was going to write about this on these pages. She tried to make the same case that Cosby made years ago by listing the healthy ingredients in the cake, Carrots, eggs, milk. I was surprised because that is the justification I would have used.

I backed off of the friendly ribbing about breakfast because I knew she’d make me pay later. I had visions of our kids being nutty all throughout our church services. The last thing either of us wants to see is that scrolling message on the big screens at church telling us to come get out kids because they are on a sugar high.

Ten minutes later, I went downstairs asked the kids what they had for breakfast. They both replied, French Toast Sticks. Either my wife reversed course and redirected the kids or they are excellent liars (I choose to believe the former). So we played a prank on Mom before she came downstairs.

When Adi came downstairs, on cue the kids began to sing in unison,


The Man knows he will pay for this

Mr. Man

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