May 29, 2009 -P.J. Easter Mr. Man and the family are on their way to Florida for vacation.  The drive has been remarkably smooth and we are making good time. The kids have been well-behaved. Not once have they yelled at each other or tried to play pranks on the other. They have been sharing their video games and have really kept the noise down allowing Adi and I to have adult conversation for the majority of the ride. Our first stop was four hours into the trip. It was at a McDonalds just outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana. We quickly used the facilities andRead More →

  April 23, 2009 -P.J. Easter A Man Up Moment from Mr. Man to the Dads: Which one of these women will your daughter grow up to be? I have often said that there is #truth in good comedy. The really special comedians have the ability to make us laugh at our own imperfections.  Think about George Carlin, Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor. What about Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld? More recently we have seen the genius of Jeff Foxworthy, George Lopez, Bernie Mac, and Dave Chapelle. There is another comedian who has spoken a truth that I live by. This truth I think all fathers should recognize asRead More →

April 20, 2009 I  just finished watching Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics play a crazy come-from-behind-game over a surprisingly good Chicago Bulls team. It was a great game which ended up with the Celtics on top 118-115. However, that not why I write this tonight. I’m wondering do you find it as comical as I do how many NBA players and coaches just routinely drop the f-bomb and the mf-bomb on national television.   It’s not like we can’t read lips. Kevin Garnett said filth-flarn or mother flarn-filth at least six times by the time I decided to stop counting. And they were the winningRead More →

    April 19, 2009 -P.J. Easter   Folks, Those of you familiar with any of Bill Cosby’s stand-up routine will see the similarity in this installment of Mr. Man’s House. For those of you that are not, I hope you will still appreciate this. Enjoy! This morning while we were getting ready for church, one of the kids came into our bedroom and loudly stated, “I’m hungry”. My kids are at that age where I’m thinking to myself, “What do you want us to do about it”? My lovely wife vocalized my thoughts by reminding them where the kitchen was.  The Boy, seeing an opportunity, asks hisRead More →

April 17, 2009 — P. J. Easter @ 8:28 am This past weekend while I was downloading music, blogging, checking Facebook statuses, and “tweeting” doing some very important work for the good of mankind, J.C. looked particularly bored. As I looked out of the window in my study, I see The Boy going from house to house to see if any of his friends were home. Alas, they were not. I felt bad for The Boy, so Istopped downloading music, blogging, checking Facebook statuses, and “tweeting” the important work that I was doing and took him for a bike ride. The rain had passed and it wasRead More →

April 15, 2009  — P. J. Easter @ 9:39 pm   Last week when I got home from  work, Adi sat me down in front of the television and said, “Baby, your kids wanted you to see this commercial”. The moment she said “your kids”, I knew to expect something outlandish. I sat down and she played the following commercial: As I watched the commercial, I literally sat on my sofa with my mouth hanging open (and not because I was hungry for one of their flame-broiled burgers). I was actually dumbfounded and confused by what I just saw: the “Burger King” dancing around singing, “I likeRead More →

April 14, 2009 — P. J. Easter @ 11:10 pm  Q: Dear Mr. Man: Note: This is the second in a two-part series on this mixed bag we call “Hip-Hop”. I’d like for us to discuss the second question raised: “Can you suggest any ways to protest some of the messages in hip hop while still enjoying it as a type of music?” Below is the question in its entirety: “I’ve been a longtime fan of hip hop. But, through the years, I’ve noticed a troubling trend of hip hop lyrics that objectify women to the point of being misogynistic. It seems like some of the songsRead More →

April 12, 2009 — P. J. Easter @ 1:31 pm Warm Greetings To All of You, Regardless of your faith or what you may believe in, Easter Sunday (or what some call “Resurrection Day”) is a day of hope and redemption. The very message that God loved us so much that He would die so that I may live is still as incredible and awe inspiring as the day I first heard it as a child. The day reminds me of my own falleness and no matter how I try, I shall never be perfect. It reminds me of a being greater than me. A savior,Read More →

April 09, 2009 — P. J. Easter @ 10:07 pm One Saturday morning (you pick which one), when Adi and I are sleeping in, I hear a ruckus downstairs in the great room. As I rush downstairs to see what’s going on, I hear J.C. yelling at the top of his lungs, “Get up! I was there first!” Now Adi is coming behind me as Bae screams back, “Let me go! Now!” “What is going on?” I asked (okay, technically I did ask a question. That’s not how it came across, I’m sure. To the kids, it probably sounded more like a roar). The Boy and Bae startRead More →

April 9, 2009  — P. J. Easter @ 4:59 am    Q: Dear Mr. Man: It has been several months since my husband and I have made love. He always tells me that he is tired or not in the mood. This makes me moody and frustrated. Please help. A: I have been following posts on New York City Moms and on Dad-Blogs about an episode of  The Oprah Winfrey Show that aired this week. My buddy, NYCity Mama, wrote a post about this show. The show was called, “The Truth About Motherhood”. According to Oprah, this was a “judgement-free” zone where mothers could admit theirRead More →