Play In The Sunshine

Mentally, I’m still on vacation. Even though we have been back for five days, I’m still on a beach in Florida. The reason is simple

Kids never stop being on vacation and, if you’re smart, you’ll let them bring you there.

We are at one of the neighborhood swimming pools now. Adi and I just got back from the shooting range and Bae, The Boy, and Big Ant (the not-so-little boy from across the street) were waiting. It’s summertime and they wanted to be in the water.

“Daddy, can you take us to the pool? And can Big Ant come with us?” Why not, I thought. FedEx just delivered my new wireless stick (I didn’t like not being able to blog or tweet while on the road). Big Ant’s parents said cool, so I said cool.

Playtime was eternal when we were children. As I watch my kids and their friend enjoy the refreshing swim break from the 94 degree Texas weather, I am reminded of the seemingly endless summers of my youth. Full of adventure and discovery.

Too many of us grow up and those endless summers eventually do end.

Our kids serve as a constant reminder that, even though we grow up, there is still (oh, wait… I just got hit by a noodle tossed at me by the kids) plenty of time to play.  Playtime is fun and invigorating. It is the ultimate stress reliever. As adults, we should try to recapture those endless, adventure-filled summers as often as we can.

It’s the weekend, friends. Are you going to play? Even with the busy weekend I have ahead of me, my kids remind me that we need to play in the sunshine as often as we can.

Sometimes the best way to man up is to be a kid again. I’m gonna go jump in the pool now.

Mr. Man

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