Sunday Twilight Requiem

There is a half moon out on this twilight of a Sunday evening. Dragonflies swarm in a circular pattern over my backyard. A single bird lands in the grass and pecks around for an evening snack. What she finds, I’m not sure. She seems content. The new Los Blancos “Nine” will be lit and relished.

My neighbors’ eldest son reminds me that he promised me something and calls me over to the fence. It’s a gordita. Not that gringo concoction from Taco Bell. This is the real deal. I take a bite. Lightly grilled corn tortilla shell stuffed withgordita2 pico de gallo, chicken breast, refried beans, cilantro, onions, and jalapenos.  I take another bite and savor the ingredients. I love authentic Mexican food. I finish it off, taking the rest in with my fingers. BTW-Be careful when googling images of “gordita”. You will get images of fat women in bikinis as I just discovered.

The grill is going. Grilled chicken quarters with grilled corn on the cob. The gordita will be a tough act to follow, but I’llPICT0005 give it the old college try. I am waiting for the temperature of the grill to be just right. Too hot will burn the food and too slow will put the kids in bed later than I want.

It’s my son’s birthday today. My Mini Me. His head is shaped just like mine. I’ve been told that I could not deny The Boy in a court of law. Not too long ago, he came to me with a list of goodies that he was requesting to receive. Adi and I chuckled as things like “laptop”, “cell phone”, and “Hummer” appeared on the list. After I struck down the ludicrous, I sent him off to correct the misspelled words ( I told him that I wouldn’t even consider getting those until they were spelled correctly). He left to Google the words to ensure that his wishes would be granted. When he came back, I laid one more requirement on him; In order to receive his gifts, he had to perform a deliberate act of kindness on or before his birthday. I explained to him (again) the satisfaction that comes with service to others. Today he gave a cool, youth Bible to one of his friends. I asked him how it made him feel to do that. He said, “Different. Kinda good.” Hopefully it is another step in what I hope is a lifetime of giving to others. By the way, he did get his Nerf gun, a football, and his own cell phone.

Twilight has turned to night. The dragonflies have dissipated into the cooling evening. The bird has flown away to her nest (maybe to catch Sunday Night Football). The Los Blancos has achieved her first crown. I need to turn the chicken over. The only thing missing is some smooth jazz by Marcus Johnson that my buddy, R.J. turned me on to. Sunday night, as usual, is right.

Mr. Man

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