The NBA-Where Amazing Happens

April 20, 2009

I  just finished watching Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics play a crazy come-from-behind-game over a surprisingly good Chicago Bulls team. It was a great game which ended up with the Celtics on top 118-115.

However, that not why I write this tonight. I’m wondering do you find it as comical as I do how many NBA players and coaches just routinely drop the f-bomb and the mf-bomb on national television.


It’s not like we can’t read lips. Kevin Garnett said filth-flarn or mother flarn-filth at least six times by the time I decided to stop counting. And they were the winning team!

On another note, have you seen the cheerleaders or power dancers or whatever they’re called these days? Forget the pom-poms. Give them a pole. Prime-time porn in some cases. I don’t want my little girl doing that. Or that. Eeewww. Especially not THAT!
The Spurs-Mavericks game is on now. When is Greg Popovich going to shave that beard? He reminds me of Phil Jackson with fewer championships and less fashion sense. And why does Yao Ming sound like Barry White on the T-Mobile Faves commericial with D. Wade and Barkley?  “Put the waitress on the phone”, he says. The only thing missing is the perm (Okay. Seriously. This is one of my favorite commercials).

Speaking of Barkely, how much liquor and gambling can one man handle? It’s like Michael Jackson and little boys. What gives?

The NBA. Where Amazing Happens. Amazing is right. With these guys, its no telling what will happen next. Just a little mild poking of fun. I really do love the game.

Mr. Man

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