Twitter Killed The Video Star

Headline: Twitter Takes Over The World!

Twitter is on the cover of Time Magazine. Two weeks ago, Time had another story about how Twitter is being used in churches. Time is not paying me for all of this free pub, but, lets face it: Twitter is something of a phenomena.

Who woulda thunk it five years ago that people would actually want to express themselves to the world in 140 characters or less. Who would have thought that having followers was anything other than egocentric?

Twitter has shrunk the world. You can know what @Shaq is up to at any given time. You can keep up with the news ( and their many news babes by following @cnnbk or @theonion. Even @drdrew is on Twitter. Dr. Drew? Who wants psychological advice in about two full sentences? It is also a great way to market a business or promote a blog. To share info. To take whats important to you and make it important to others. Twitter is both simple and profound in the same short sentence.

Twitter has certainly shrunk my world. In the four months or so that I have been tweeting. I have made new friends, reconnected with old ones, I have encouraged others and been encouraged by others. I have sought advice and have given a tidbit or two. Twitter has changed my life in a small way.

Some people more comfortable in the virtual environment that  Twitter offers. People that may be otherwise introverted or reclusive can come out of their shells in relative anonymity. The fear of rejection is virtually eliminated. If someone offends you, you simply “unfollow” them. It’s like the death sentence without the electric chair. No one gets hurt.

Twitter and other social network outlets are a fun and exciting way to interact with the world, but there is still a lot to be desired. One cant smell the flowers on Twitter. The subtle nuances of the human voice are lost in the virtual world, so misunderstandings are real and possible. Twitter currently does not permit you to touch someone who may need a hug. 

Social networking is something that I participate actively in and enjoy thoroughly, but I make sure that I don’t lose touch with the real world.  There is still power in touching, laughing with, and hearing the sounds of God’s creation. It sure beats the sound of a motorized fan cooling your hard drive.

Tweet you later.

Mr. Man

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