Women on Wednesday: Reality is Better Than Fantasy (Your Man is Like a Good Stinky Cigar)

July 29, 2009

-PJ Easter
Welcome to the Women On Wednesday post at Dear Mr. Man. This day is devoted to discussing topics that concern women from a mans point of view. I will need a lot of help with this (topic ideas, comments, and other feedback). If I am way off base on a topic, you can electronically claw me or toss hot grits (or boiling water) at me through your computer. Together we can come to understand each other better.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but nearly every little girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding and then the happily ever after that comes with it. You dream of the proverbial knight in shining to ride in and sweep you off of your feet. Or maybe the dream is for a passionate love affair. Someone to listen intently to every word you utter. Someone built like a freight train with pecs like Mr. Universe.

You get married and then you realize that what you got wasn’t Fred Astaire, but Fred Flintstone. He leaves his dirty underwear on the floor as though they are going to magically find their way to the hamper (although, depending on the kind of day hes had, they may just walk themselves there). He belches, lets out the the earth-rumblers, and scratches in public. He has the attention span of a three-year old and you are constantly repeating yourself. When we get sick, you get another kid in the house (*Sniff*Honey, I’m hungry. Will you bring me a cup of tea? Did that make ANY SENSE???)

This is your man. Some days you think you might like to trade us in for a trip to Vegas and a few poker chips.

Please excuse the exaggeration ( or maybe not 🙂 ), but the point I’m making is that life may not have turned out to be that fantasy that you envisioned as a young girl. He may not be Prince Charming. While Mr. Charming may have the chiseled bod and the pristine manners, just know that YOUR man is uniquely that: Yours.

It only takes one look for him to determine your mood. He knows when it is time to fix your problems or just to listen to them. He knows when you need a break and will tell you so. He may not say it all of the time, but he knows all that you do and he appreciates it.

Ladies, just remember that men are like a good cigar. We come in different shapes and sizes. We are a little rough and bumpy on the surface. Sometimes we even smell funny, but, once you light us up, our flavors are complex and enjoyable.

Reality is often better than the fantasy, would you agree?

Mr. Man

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