Wow: The Strength of A Woman (Part Deaux)

Women on Wednesday…’nuff said.

As I listen to this song, these thoughts flow from that in my mind, to the keys I tap on the keyboard. These words appear on my screen…

How is it that men hold nearly all of the power positions in the world? Rarely does one see a study on the “Richest Woman in the World” or the “Most Powerful Woman in the World”. Sure, these studies exist, but they are the exception and somewhat of an anomaly.

Women like Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pepsi- Cola CEO Indra Nooyi, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may conjure up images of strong, powerful women, but I would argue that the most powerful woman in the world is holding the most important job in the world. She just might be sitting in your living room.

“Mom” is a job title that most men will never have and that most can never fulfill. This role is the most important job, yet it is so often unappreciated and underestimated. When I hear people say, “I’m just a mom”, I want to grow an afro simply so that I can pull my hair out painfully and slowly.

Who else has the privilege of being a life-carrier? The infant in the womb first conscious thought is of the mother. Her soft voice soothes him during gestation. Her lullabies make this strange new world comforting and less frightening. There is a connection emotional and umbilical) between mother and child that dad won’t experience fully until the child is born.

As the children grow, Mom becomes even more the lifeline. She is absolutely and completely depended on by her young. Her offspring tend not to worry about being cold, not having enough to eat, or where to sleep, because Mom has it handled. Mom has it so under control that it is an expectation by the children that these needs are met.

Mom is a mind-shaper. The child’s earliest impressions are what Momma gives. This presentation consists of love, warmth, nurturing, and friendship. Mom is tutor, the teacher, the principal, and the preacher. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. In short, Mom is everything.

On top of this, many moms do many other things on top of the full time mommy gig. Moms write blogs, are firefighters, police officers, doctors, attorneys, full-time students, servant leaders, politicians and world leaders.

They are lovers to their husbands, livers of life, and life-givers. They are the closest thing to superheroines that I know.

Moms may not be superwomen, but they sure know how to fake it.

Never “just a mom”—The Amazing Strength of a Woman…

Mr. Man

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