11 Essential Things Every Guy Should Carry

Women seem like they are always prepared for life’s daily obstacles. Maybe they seem more prepared than men do because they carry a multitude of essentials in their handbags. Anything from toiletries to tech and make-up. Guys need to think about the essential things we should have with us at all times. This is where the right bag or backpack comes into play.

It has become more common over the last few years to see dudes stepping up their bag game. Man bags, man-purses, or simply known as murses. The discerning man has come to realize that not everything can be stuffed into his pockets or wallet.


We’ll cover the best bags for a guy to tote around in another post. For now, here are a few items that every man should carry at all times:

  1. Smartphone or Tablet – These devices have become essential to our everyday lives. From using Google Maps to get you from place to place to having an eBook on your Kindle app during lulls in activity, a smart device is the essential to the man on the go. 
  2. Earbuds or headphones – when in transit, keep a pair of headphones on hand so that you can drown out the busy city sounds.
  3. Small first-aid kit – You never know when you might have to tussle with a bear or wrangle an alligator. It’s comforting to know that you have the basics to properly treat those scrapes and bruises.
  4. An Umbrella – Be prepared for unpredictable weather and for keeping that pretty girl you just met in SoHo covered from the rain or rays. Should be small and compact as well as neutral in color.
  5. A water bottle – If you’re ever in a pinch and can’t find a place to hydrate, a bottle of water is literally a life-saver. Be sure to periodically switch out the bottle with a fresh one.
  6. Pocket knife or Multi-tool – A pocket knife has many uses and a multi-tool with scissors, a screwdriver, and a file could also come in handy.
  7. Portable charger – This is a necessary item to keep with you. You don’t need for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to run out of juice. Especially if you are using your phone as a flashlight. 
  8. Keys – You won’t get very far without them.
  9. Self-defense item – Self-explanatory and whatever your local laws will allow.
  10. Cash and Identification – Carry enough cash as you feel comfortable with, but enough to get you out of trouble.
  11. Emergency gift for the wife or girlfriend – Did you forget that birthday or anniversary? This one doesn’t have to go in your bag, but its good to keep one on hand. Avoid the backlash by being prepared.

These are just a few items and many more could be added to the list. You have to know your needs and lifestyle to determine what you personally have to have with you at all times.

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