Review: The Avengers: Infinity Wars

Marvel has released its newest movie Avengers: Infinity War and it did not disappoint. Infinity War continues to shatter box-office records around the world. The movie did a great job of blending comedy with dark moments as well as an understanding of personal sacrifice. Infinity Wars is one of those movies where you can watch and enjoy even if you didn’t see the previous films that led up to this third installment. Marvel did a great job of making sure this movie follows the same formula that has worked in the past which is humor mixed with relatable life situations that leaves the consumers wanting more. The only slight I have against the movie is this question: Was the ending necessary or was it rushed?

All the main characters with their powers and egos were on full display in Infinity War. Tony Stark and Doctor Strange spent the first 20 minutes of the movie trying to figure out who was the smartest person in the room, and I guess they came to conclusion that it was both. Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy shared a scene that made you appreciate the comic relief that that they brought from both of their previous movies, and of course all of the Avengers had to go back to Wakanda because the fans can’t get enough of learning about that place.

One knock against Marvel movies have been that they don’t have the great villain that all superhero movies need.  Well, that box was checked by introducing us to Thanos. Thanos is what happens when the Incredible Hulk and The Joker have their genes combined in Dr. Strange’s laboratory. He is strong as well as smart, but throughout the movie you also learned that he is not as heartless as we are led to believe he is. He believes that his cause is a worthy cause and it’s also necessary even though it will kill half of the population. He believes that nobility only comes with sacrifice.

If you are on social media, you have seen several memes and comments about the ending of Avengers Infinity Wars. The cliffhanger of an ending leaves the audience asking, “was that necessary and what the hell just happened?” I’ve always felt that Marvel movies didn’t have a dark side and that kind of kept the average fan away. Co-directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo not only walks A:IW over to the dark side; they ran head-first into it. I guess I got what I asked for, but I wish they did it with a clearer reason. Was all the death at the end necessary? How does this play into the bigger picture of the Marvel Universe? These questions were left unanswered for me.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie despite the fact that it was 2 1/2 hours long. Every minute held my attention. Infinity War  left me wanting to see the next Marvel movie the next day just to watch it all play out. The Marvel Universe’s first chapter is coming to an end. I have to admit that they have the world on a string and all of our attention. Well done!

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