Hair Units Are Giving Men Their Swag Back

The black barbershop. There is really nothing like it. No matter what city it’s located in or what neighborhood, the main thing is the culture that you find. No one is a stranger and everyone is welcomed. Race, creed, or color is irrelevant here. Within five minutes of my arrival, I found myself in a group conversation about what goes best with salmon croquettes: rice and butter or smothered potatoes. That’s the kind of love you’ll find at the shop.

I still come to the shop mainly to get my beard tightened up, but today is special. I’m here to do something different. Something that is coming out of the shadows and into the fore of men’s hairstyles. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a sec. I’ve seen you online. You’re bald. You don’t have any hair to style”. I’m here to get a “man weave”. Honestly I don’t like the term, “man weave”. That name makes something that can build men up and cheapens it with a negative visual. This growing phenomenon is literally changing men’s lives, building their confidence and self-esteem, and enriching their relationships. I want to take the stigma out of getting a
“cranial prosthesic”, also known as a hair replacement unit.

The Bald and Bearded Look. This was my style for 20 years. I loved it, but I didn’t have many options.

Men have been struggling with hair loss practically since the beginning of time. There are options to fix this with hair transplants, toupees, and medication. Often, these methods are costly and ineffective. Black men have had particular difficulty due to the texture of our hair. Fortunately, the bald look became en vogue. However, it was more out of necessity than style that many black men chose the bald and bearded look.

I can’t say for certain when the hair replacement unit was first introduced, but Hollywood has been using the technique to disguise the male pattern baldness of A-list celebrities for decades (Steve Harvey, anyone?). I only heard about it for the first time a few months ago. There are countless IG and YouTube videos on the subject where bald men are getting everything from 360 waves to dreadlocks. Some stylists are making a name for themselves as well as making a fortune by offering online tutorials and on- location classes for hundreds of dollars per student. For this investment, a barber can charge $300 and higher per client.

In Progress

Allow me to introduce you to my professional barber, Joel “Mr. JD” Edwards (IG: @jdizzle_the_barber). JD is as skilled as they come, having applied many hair replacement units – or “The G-Unit”, his personal brand – to many satisfied clients. I flew all the way back to Texas just to have him to install my unit. If you are ever in the Houston area, check him out. You can book his services here.

Low and Wavy for a confident and sophisticated look.

It is an intricate process to have the unit applied. I was in JD’s chair for nearly 2.5 hours (times will vary), but the end result was worth the investment of time and money. I have been shaving my head bald for over 20 years. I love the “bald and bearded” look, but the realistic look of the the G-Unit reminded me what a difference a full head of hair can make.

The kinky flat top and scaled-down beard screams “Urban Professional”.

The reactions have been all positive. I have had friends call or text me to poke fun at me about a “weave” and then the serious questions begin to come up… “How does it feel?”, “Was it expensive?”, and “I’ve been thinking about doing it, but…”. It’s the “buts” that prevent most people from achieving anything in life. The “buts” keep most people in dead end jobs, mediocre relationships, and from reaching their full potential. Too many of us are more concerned about about being clowned by the fellas and judged by strangers instead of taking a step forward that could enhance many areas of their lives.

A hair replacement unit could be the difference between that promotion you’ve been looking for, that queen you’ve been chasing, or simply your misplaced swagger. Where else in life have you let the opinions of others prevent you from living to the fullest? A hair replacement unit can potententially help you get your head back in the game.

Exclusively for subscribers: Book an appointment with JD for a hair replacement unit and receive 50% off the inital consultation, $100 off of the wave unit, $200 off of a women’s unit, or $200 off of a men’s /women’s mid-length unit. Be sure to mention the code word “G-UNIT” at the time of visit or enter it in the comment box when booking online.

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